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Jieyang Junye Metal & Plastics Products Co., Ltd., since the establishment in 1998, keeps perfecting its specialization in producing exclusive and high level stainless steel products, especially in stainless steel flatware, kitchenware, plastic handle tableware and plastic handle kitchenware. Products from Junye manifest high-degree R&D, advanced automatic production line as well as lean management, which perform inclusive competence on European and American markets in pursuit of the position as 'the world-level tableware supplier who produces high-quality products’.


>> The competences of our products endow us with confidence on our comprehensive capacity. ONEIDA, WMF, ZWILLING, TCHIBO, Wal-Mart and IKEA are key business partners for more than 20 years in American and European markets. Therefore, we believe in the prosperity of Junye to enlarge the European markets. << 

Mr. Marcus Huang, General Manager

Corporate Inside

Junye is one of the leading flatware manufacturers in China by offering OEM and OEM service to clients all over the world.
The production base combines fine workmanship with 2.000 employees and modern technology to achieve the best result.
The enterprise, which includes two factories, is located in Jieyang, Guangdong province.
Up to your needs and requirements Junye can customize your individual flatware for any quality level.
Get in touch with Junye and their products on the biggest exhibitions like Canton Fair, Ambiente, IHHS, etc.
In 2016 the number of total sold products reached more than 150 million pieces.
The variety of designs, colors and sizes are endless.
The innovative R&D department creates over 300 new designs and models every year. Precision in every part of the creation process makes cutlery of Junye unique.
Over 150 new designs get created every year.

Perfecting flatware to the world-level standards.

Proactively adherent to American and European fashion styles and excellent quality.

Quality as the foundation, technology as the support, innovation as the driving force.



Creation Process

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Stainless Steel Flatware Products

Customized design and development by Junye


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Company Highlights


Junye has passed various of international certificates like ISO9001, BSCI or audits from Costco Wholesale and Target.


With over 2000 workers and a production capacity of more than 19 million pieces per month makes Junye to one of the leading flatware manufacturer in China.

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No matter if a customer is focusing on OEM, ODM or OBM, Junye has for every customer the right design - yearly over 150 new designs are available.

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Besides a professional and well experienced R&D department, the factory is producing with the latest press, injection or automated polishing technology.

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High quality, unique production technology and excellent service are the basement for Jieyang Junye Metal & Plastics Products Co., Ltd. to build long-term relationships with clients like IKEA, Tchibo, WMF, Zwilling or Oneida.


Junye offers a wide range of product materials. The costumer can choose from 3 different types of stainless steel and 3 different types of plastic materials.

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The mix of these highlights makes Junye your perfect partner for any flatware demand.


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